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About me


Welcome to my illustration world!

My name is Madalina, and I am a Romanian illustrator based in Germany.

My journey as an artist began when I moved to Spain to study illustration. I discovered my passion for drawing cities while surrounded by Gaudi's beautiful creations in Barcelona and the lovely Spanish houses in Andalusia. 

During every trip I've taken since, I've been admiring the exquisite details of the buildings, the atmosphere, and the specific elements of each city. Moving to Germany made me fall in love with traditional German houses and quaint little towns full of magic.


Every day, this inspires me to continue the journey of putting the stories I imagine on paper and sharing them with you. Each city is a mix of history, architectural details, famous landmarks and magical tales - and I like to be their storyteller. 


I hope you enjoy my art and you lose yourself in the magical worlds I bring to life.

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